can anyone suggest best free Talend data integration training online

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What are your source in project and how you import in informatica? How can i explain abt this?

1 Answers   Accenture, Unisoft Infotech,

why sequence generator should not directly connected to joiner transformation ?

1 Answers   ANZ,

.prm wirh repalce .txt is possible?

2 Answers  

Session Recovery. 1000 rows in the source of which 500 passed through and then I killed the session. Can you perform a recovery and how

1 Answers   IBM,

there is a mapping with expression and mapping we create some condition for insert and update and followed by update startegy ,can we update and insert on a single target based on condition?

1 Answers   Emphasis,

how to read data from website into informatica? plsss send answers ASAP thanks in advance.

1 Answers   DELL,

Flat file heaving 1 lack records and I want to push 52000 records to the target?

7 Answers  

what is the architecture of any Data warehousing project?

5 Answers   IBM,

What is meta data and system catalog?

2 Answers  

3,if our source containing 1 terabyte data so while loading data into target what are the thing we keep in mind?

7 Answers   TCS,

Hi I have two sources like A, B. My source A contain 10000 million records from that i need 20 attributes. My source B has also same 10000 million records from that i need only 1 attribute. By using Joiner i have to load into target? Is there any issue regarding this? if issue is there how to tune this mapping in best way?

2 Answers   Zensar,

Why we use stored procedure transformation?

4 Answers