whether starting current is limited to rated current of motor through soft starting or it exceeds the rated current?

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A shopkeeper allows 10% discount on the price of an article and sells it for Rs 7,600. What is the marked price of the article?

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what is settable hystersis protection? If any body knows plz kindly post the answer..

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what is rated current and operating current?

3 Answers  

Difference between on line capacitor and Station type capacitor

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Draw SLD feeding from the SS up to distribution board of the load, calculate cable size, breaker sizes, and meter for the following case: Ground Floor: electric room, pump room, 5 shops, each is 15 KW First Floor: 5 shops, each is 15 KW Second Floor: showroom 30 KW Service Loads: water pump 3 KW (3ph) , fire pump 3 KW (3ph), and one DB service 12 KW (3ph).

0 Answers   HMK,

what is the bus bar size of 2700 amp ACB breaker ? and what is the cable size ?pls detailed answer ?

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if a 2 ohm resistor,2 ohm capacitor and a 2 ohm inductor is connected parallely to 12v source.Then what is the value of current in each branch.Is current flows in each branch at the same time?If not so then provide the proper sequence

1 Answers   Tata Steel Limited,

is there any current flows in our body?

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In the market there is availability of MCCB & ACB (800A), So, Where i can use MCCB & ACB for the same Rating?

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How to Measure A.C Resistance for Earthing ?

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what about electrical pannel.? What is meant by plc pannel.?

0 Answers   TATA,

What are the types of the glands and difference between single and double compression type of cable Glands.

0 Answers   ABC, All Trades Electrical,

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