whether starting current is limited to rated current of motor through soft starting or it exceeds the rated current?

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Why 4 pole generator generates more power and 6 pole generates less power campare to 4 pole

2 Answers   Suzlon, Julius Berger,

What is power factor? Whether it should be high or low ? why?

9 Answers  

what is W.T?specify the acceptable range?

0 Answers  

why exciter frequency 150 Hz ?

1 Answers   Siemens,

what is the difference in using the 125% and the 250% factor of safety in calculating circuit breakers capacity for motors,which is more reliable to use the 125% or 250%??

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What does dny11 stand for?

5 Answers   Cenored,

how single phase preventer works ?

0 Answers  

I want to know the 'Test voltage' for Tandelta testing of 3.3 / 6.6 / 11 KV Motors. Please explain

0 Answers  

what is the differnce between high impedance relay and low impedance relay

4 Answers   Areva,

Explain in details how you would react to an unexpected incident when your supervisor or manager is not around to give instructions?

1 Answers  

11 kv line me tino phase takra jaye to present time me approximately voltage aur current kya hoga...

2 Answers   Videocon, Electrical Tech, Electrical,

Why smallest capacity LV motor are star connected and medium & bigger size LV motors are delts connected

1 Answers  

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