How the over load setting for HT Motors calculated-provided in Numerical Relay

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What are the different types of transformers present in the Transmission and Distribution system?

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what does the transformer connection symbol YNaod1 mean ?

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1 KVAR = 1.3Amps but, 25KVAR capacitor/690V capacitor takes just 21Amps as leading current, what is the reason? Please explain...

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An 8 pole, 50 Hz, 3-phase IM is loaded to a poing where pull out torque will occur. The rotor resistance per phase is 0.3 ohm and motor stalls at 650 rpm. The slip when motor stalls is A 1 B 0 C 13.33% D 10.33%

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which power plant has high load factor?

12 Answers   APTransco,

How to Calculate Contracted Maximum demand using motor Hp or Current

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Uses of induction motor

6 Answers   NTPC,

During Testing of Maintenance Free Earthing, How deep should be the Spikes of Earth Test Meter should be inserted in the soil(one spike is 15 Meter & Other spike is 30 Mtrs away from the Main Earth Electrode. Because, recently, we observed that when spike is inserted 3-4 Inch in the earth- results are better, If spike is inserted 1 feet deep than results are increasing.

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why in an electrical lab a bulb connected to supply goes off slowly when the main supply is switched off?

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are you hear the meaning of burden , excat meaning of burden in only one word

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how to calculate the change over time for star delta starter for different KW motor?

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