How the over load setting for HT Motors calculated-provided in Numerical Relay

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what is the use of conservator in a transformer?

6 Answers   TATA, L&T, Tata Motors,

This is about the recent problem that we have faced in our project site. We have 6/7.5 MVA. 66/11kV three phase star - star power transformer. The neutral was solidly connected to the earthing mat. But because of high resistance of earthing mat (130 ohm on LV and 180 ohm on HV), one day LV side neutral earthing conductor melted and we had a huge damage. Can any one plz tell me what might happen when we connect power transformer neutral to the earthing mat which has high resistance (>100 ohm ) ?????

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what perpos use cepacitors in motars,fans,lights,and LT panal

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can we use ps class in combination with protection class in differential protection and over current protection.

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Can somebody tell me the type and amp of transformer used to implement 600VA UPS? Thanks in advance.

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2 v/500amp/hr to 1.80vpc at 20 degree celsious 2v/5ooamp/hr to 1.75 vpc at 77degree farren .this is the capacity of a battery .what is the meaning of this . can i get a detailed explenation

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Control wiring of a dol starter for forward and backward

0 Answers   Basj Industries,

Where is the center of magnetic field in alternator

1 Answers   GMR, Siemens,

234 MVA Generator 3 phase Short circuit current Values required? Gen set Rating-234 MVA, Gen Voltage-18kv, PF;0.8, Xdv:23.5 %, Transformer Rating-18/380KV, 680MVA,Yndd1 two winding, Step up TR, ZT:35.50 %,X/R 4.33 Gen CB Position, CB open ,Disconnected open, Generator Running Voltage 18 Kv, Bi mistakes generator side earth switch Closed during that time short circuit current level in 3 Phase required, and how to test on site 234MVA Generator Short circuit current,

0 Answers   Jubail O&M,

how to select the power contactor in Diffrent AC motors.

6 Answers   Titan,

diff b/w normal grounding and resistance grounding

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what happen if ac supply is fed to rotor of the alternator

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