What is the comparison between 30mA DP RCCB and 100mA DP RCCB and can replace it against 63A MCB

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why any centrifugal blower draw more current in starting. consider id fan and fd fan?

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What is effect of low pf on HT supply.

6 Answers  

How to Calculate the maximum Demand required for a connected load for a manufacturing Plant

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i wanna know that star point in transformer becomes as a neutral on secondary side now tell me that how is that possible?because if joit the all three winding ends with each other it can b short circuited.dut it doesn't.WHY?pls Answer me in brief.thanks alot

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kindly tell me how the load on generator increase by just increasing the fuel of prime mover, as if for exampple 20 MW gen set is synchronized the load ramps from zero to 20 MW gradully and during this procress only fuel of prime mover increases. Which thing determines the load on generator with respect to fuel

4 Answers   Birla,

can anyone show me how the 3 phase power is supplied to socket outlets?

0 Answers   Bhel,

What is the role of ESP(Electro Static Precipitator)in steam power plants? Where it is located? How it works?

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power generation unit kw/hr or kw/day ?? please answer me engr_kalam@yahoo.com

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in a distribution board,if we have a load and we have selected a cable after making all calcs (Deratings and V.D , ect...) the cable we have selected was 10mm.sq. now, shall the internal cable inside the switchboard should be 10 mm.sq Like the external or it can be Less???? if somebody have an specs or information he can help D:

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Transformer/insulating oil tester(BDV tester)

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In our homes we place the 5Amps fuse...now in our house only takes 5Amps for all normal conditions ha???

2 Answers   Areva, Bajaj, MSP,

What is meant by pitch of a synchronous machine.??

1 Answers   Kirloskar,

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