how does high earth to neutral voltage affects electronic circuit?

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how the 12 pulse rectifier is made?

8 Answers   Engineers India Limited,

where rlc series ckt used?

0 Answers   ABB,

how can u say about the line by looking at the tower ? {voltage rating of the line}

3 Answers   BARC, London,

in india are trains run by DC or AC? if DC , from where it receives negative potential? because pentograph receives singe potential only?

2 Answers   PSU, GATE,


0 Answers   Manipal Hospital,

What is mean by earthed & unearthed cable? Voltage grade of 1.9/3.3 kV(E), 3.3/3.3 kV(UE), 3.8/6.6 kV(E)what it indicates??

2 Answers  

What should be the value of earth resistance for an instrumentation/electronic circuit? As per which IS/IEC Code?

3 Answers   IOCL,

why voltages are multiple of 11 or 1.1???describe with derivation plzzz.thanks

2 Answers  

what is meant by frequency ?

10 Answers   TCS,

why high voltage is reqiured or L.T. panels? what type of tests should be taken for electrical panels?

2 Answers  

As per standard, transformer body earthing and other Equipment earthing (Equipment earthing) did not connect. but in LT side termination we are doing metal glanding in both side Transformer to PCC Panel through armoured cable, now X'mer body earthing and PCC Pane earthing (Equipment earthing) both are this safe for X'mer or other equipment?

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what is dc transformer? how it work?

15 Answers  

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