how does high earth to neutral voltage affects electronic circuit?

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i have total 8 dg sets for synchronizing and 2 buscoupler,1 sectoin dg no 1,2,3,and 2 sectoin dg no 4,5,6,and last section dg no 7,8 ....if buscupler no 1 and 2 is off mode ..than dg no 1,2,3,will synchroniz of another dg sets?

0 Answers   Crown Buildtech,

What is the Difference Between resistance and resistivity?

2 Answers   Sun Pharma,

if only one generator is running in droop mode parrallel with grid and suddenly grid breaker off what will happen? It will trip o/u freq or stay as it is? (urgent)

10 Answers  

what is load shedding

4 Answers   KSEB,

why our indian system choose the 230 volt for single phase&415 for 3-phase voltage,in forign side 110 volt is used what is the difference

4 Answers   Jindal,

Percentage losses in power generation?

0 Answers   Nespak, Trimax,

Explain the grounding concept adapted in aircrafts?

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what is the effect if we add capacitor on DG supply, it has any loss or benefit.

6 Answers  

How can calculate the rating of a servo stabilizer for given a specific load

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why we measure ouput of transformers in kva.

1 Answers  

What is the difference between relays and contactor construction wise?

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How to calculate wire length,size & current? ( related to control panel)

0 Answers   FSS, GK Controls, Panel Tech,

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