how does high earth to neutral voltage affects electronic circuit?

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How Self works in DG set

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why solinoid coil used in tripping rely?and why not other type coil?

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I am working on a 11KV system with fault current of 40KA for 1 second. I have selected 2500MVA 11/0.433KV transformer. How can i find the impedance value for this transformer? Please help me.

2 Answers   PPL,

how to set relay setting? and example calculation...

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On monitor it is written that current rating is 2.2 Amps. Is it a monitor current drawing capacity or CPU & monitor. If it is only monitor rating, what will be the rating of only CPU and what will be the power consumption rating of PC, Monitor & Scanner? In net, I learnt that computer consumes only 200-300W while running. With the current rating of 2.2 Amps, how it could be 200-300Watts. Please explain?

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If a HV Underground Cable (13.8KV) is layed in the ground below 1.5 Mtrs and any building construction is done on the Cable route. IS this allowable or Not? What should be the clearance. As per ISO construction on HV cable route is safe or Not? Why? Can any body suggest the site for my question?

1 Answers   ZCL,

whats the one main difference between UPS & inverter ? And electrical engineering & electronics engineering ?

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Explain the Term in CT Name Plate – Class: 5P10

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AL=0B9H,bl=75H, ADD AL,BL AL=____________? CF________? OF___________?

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what is impedance?

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Can u tell me design of switch yard

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