In Electrical 'Single Line Diagram' cable nomenclature shows "2 X 1C X to be provided for one incomer. The question is how many cable to be proved for one Incomer.

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what is thermal setting and magnetical setting?

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1.difference between sts & ats? 2.what is fm200 system brefly explain?

1 Answers   Ericsson,

why we use crushed stone in switch yard?

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Dear all, i completed M.E(Power Electronics & Drives) 2011 passed out having 78% so i need job in core side but i don't know how can i receive the calls from electrical companies and i uploaded my CV in naukri, times jobs etc.. In that iam not recieved any mails from good companies so give me best procedure plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..... Thanks, K.Linga Reddy Ph no:-08015402078

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why do select 11000v rubber mat even we use only 415Volts

1 Answers   Saint Gobain, Tata Steel Limited,

how we done power management?

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What is Form factor?

2 Answers   NTPC,

in a silicon diode we can measure .7v in a voltmeter.but why we can't use this voltage for using?

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why nutral and earthing wire connect with each other in main panel board.?

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Why effective AC resistance is more than DC resistance of a transmission line?

9 Answers   HCL, ONGC,

We are having a 2000KVA DG set. It trips with Over speed and Engne Hot when the mahine is stopped in full speed. How shall I analyse the block load and reverse power.Is the problem related to power factor. The machine which runs on this DG is having all Synchronous motors with incividual Drives.

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For an induction motor wat is the loading/unloading cycle duration or interms of L/UL ratio/ percentage?

0 Answers   GEPL,

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