What are the no-load losses for the 11000/415V transformer with the following rated capacity?
1.1500 kVA
2. 2000 kVA
3. 2500 kVA
4. 3000 kVA

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How to calculate the cross section area for a 350 m cable, motor power is 26 kw???

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what is legal process of dg set?

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Terminal blocks is used for segregate the connections... There is any principle for terminal block..?

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How Humming noise generated in starter motor which was used the start the engine in a vehicle/car/Truck?.Moreover Starter motor was operated in DC power supply. Can you guys clarify ?

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What is the purpose of RECTIFIER ASSEMBLY in AC power generators?

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how electronic energy meter works?

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What we mean by vintage of an engine+Generator?

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When distance between two pulleys is not fixed, the tension of belt is adjusted by a) driver shaft b) driven shaft c) adjustment screw d) belt

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what is meant by fuzzy logic? what is fuzzification and defuzzification?

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How can we define 'Phase'

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What is expand formation of AYFY cable

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dear all, in motor operation , motor is of 100 hp and bimetal relay setting is 130 amp, if relay is getting tripped on 120 amp balance current what can be the reason? Relay is newly replaced. I dont know but is there any frequency effect in thit case? Can frequency variation affect bimetal relay operation?

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