What are the no-load losses for the 11000/415V transformer with the following rated capacity?
1.1500 kVA
2. 2000 kVA
3. 2500 kVA
4. 3000 kVA

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What are the protections for HT Motors?

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Supose we have one 220v A.C fan.if we provide 220v D.C what will be happen?

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I am having a DG set.The 415 V from Generator is step up to 460 v and then the same is used for Induction furnace. before Step up, I am connecting LT load to my factory use. When Induction furnace is in service from DG, when i try to start a motor, the generator is tripped.Please tell me the reason.

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What is IDMT relay how it works.

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What is TR of AC?

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What is communication? What are the different stagesin the communication process?

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what is the ambient temperature of transformer oil & winding?

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What is the minimum permissive IR value for LT & HT motor for safe starting?

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why we generate 11kv power supply in generating station?

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Most electrical terms denoted by first letter of its name but Why current is denoted by "I".

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What are the Safety measures in central chiller plant? Explain them?

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Advantage of earthing transformer

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