why we are using hexane in calibration of number of drop per mL

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Why we are using a Kf Factor range 4 to 6

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3 Answers  

what is the diff betwen calibration and system suitability?

8 Answers  

in calibration of disintegration test apparatus why cycle limit is 28-32?

1 Answers   Caplin Point,

Why pH lies between 0 to 14 only

4 Answers   PI Industries, Unimark Remedies,

why 0.005 M sulphuric acid is used to calbrate spectrophotometer and why caffiene is used for calibrating hplc

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what is lod and loq

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India is. Under which zone as per QF1.?

4 Answers   Aurobindo, Gland Pharma, Acebright,

what is mass spectra ? why it is necessary ?

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What is normality

12 Answers   Cadila,

How you start the method development of unknown compound.

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today i am doing calibration of HPLC. when i inject the blank it was going on -ve.(bleow then zero) why?

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