why we are using hexane in calibration of number of drop per mL

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In pharmaceuticals formulation OOS applicable in Raw Material(which is not manufacturing in the company. and purchase by approved vendor)).Why?

1 Answers   Orchid,

how to prepare 5 normality of h2so4 solution

3 Answers   Symbiotec,

Explain in detail what are the procedure and calculations involved for accuracy (%Recovery)in method validation?

1 Answers   Vimta Labs,

what are the normalisation, internal standard and external standerd methods in HPLC.

2 Answers   GVK,

why reference flow required during hplc analysis on rid?

1 Answers  

why base line not starts from zero in gc?

1 Answers   Aurobindo, Reddy Labs, FDC,

why we use TLC?

8 Answers  

What is stray light in uv what are units for stray light

0 Answers   Dr Reddys,

Why do we use KCl ,K2Cr207,Toulene & Halonium oxide for the caliberation of UV

2 Answers   Apotex,

What is Signal to noise ratio?

3 Answers  

what does optical rotation and specific rotataion means,difference between them

8 Answers   Neuland, CPL,

why water factor is near about 5.0 in kf titration?

3 Answers   Claris Lifesciences, Indchemie Health Specialities,

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