why we are using hexane in calibration of number of drop per mL

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why phenolpthalin gives pink colour when we titrate aganist sodium hydroxcide & phenolpthalin gives colourless titrate aganist hydrochlric acid which is un burate

1 Answers  

what is the difference between Hydrochloric Acid & Hydrogen chloride

3 Answers  

what is difirence b/w ROI&ROE

1 Answers   Pfizer,

why we should take dst factor for below 1%moisture samples

0 Answers   Ind Swift Laboratories,

What is difference between" LOD" AND "VACCUME LOD"

1 Answers  

What is the major difference b/w Drift and Noise

4 Answers   Aurobindo, Reddy Labs, Dr Reddys,

In GC Why does retention time decrease when temperature increases? Also how does a change in temperature effect selectivity?

1 Answers   Gland Pharma,

what is poarimeter, why it is used in pharma,and explain briefly about polarimeter?

3 Answers   GVK,

about analytical chemistry

0 Answers   Apotex,

why chiral separation?

1 Answers  

I have 1 gram of Diphenylamine and want to make a 10,000 or 1000 ppm solution in methanol. How do I make this?

9 Answers   Midas Technologies,

How to make up 100ml of a solution cintaining compound A at 95µg/ml and compound B at30µg/ml for an HPLC reference standard.

2 Answers  

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