What is thumb rule for deep trench excavation

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How to convert and use 10mm dia steel 150mm spacing instead of 12mm dia steel which is spacing?

3 Answers   L&T,

What will be the exam pattern and syllabus for j.e post of haryana staff selection commision? Advt no. (02/2015) Some people says it would only be objective type question papers while others say it would be same as ssc (1 objective,1 conventional) ?? Please answer this question it is needfull to all.

0 Answers   HSSC,

Which code specifies the specification ofthe construction joints to be provided in the raft slab of a basement which is 6 m deep.what should bethe detail of such a joint?

0 Answers   L&T,

How will be cutting in timber plate size 600*400 column size

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In 1:2:4 ratio how much kgs of cement,fine&coarse aggregates to be used 1cu.m

2 Answers   BTCL,

1. What is coefficient use for calculation of shuttering. 2. What is coefficient use for calculation of reinforcement in one cum of concrete.

0 Answers   Ramky,

How to calculate canal slope curvature qty!

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What is the difference between yeild strength and compressive strength of steel???

0 Answers   Simplex,

if the length and breath of footing is 1.2m x 1.2 m what will be the length and breath of foundation trench

5 Answers  

wat is fe full form in fe4l5?

7 Answers  

What is the formula to calculate the volume of mortar required for a wall with 1245 blocks with a stndard size of 440x215x100?

2 Answers  

FOR concrete structure curing is important for hydration process,curing component is good for the concrete if W/C ratio is more than .38

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