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What is the Cement: sand: aggregate: water ratio for grade
30 (G30) concrete.

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What is the Cement: sand: aggregate: water ratio for grade 30 (G30) concrete...

Answer / madhu

M30 grade concrete is a high grade of concrete used for high strength this grade is depends on design mix proportions of concrete. 

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What is the Cement: sand: aggregate: water ratio for grade 30 (G30) concrete...

Answer / baipalli inod kumar

take the ratio 1:1.5:3
cement =1
sand =1.5
metal =3
So what is the ratio we want to mixing 1+1.5+3=5.5
Volum of wet cement concret is 1.54 to 1.57
unit weight of cement bag is 1440 kg/cum
one bag of cement = 50/1440 = 0.034722 cum

SOLUTION : CEMENT = 1.54/5.5 =0.28
=0.28/0.0347 = 8.069 ( 8 bags)
one bag of cement =50 kg X 8.069 = 403.45 kgs.

SAND solution =0.28 X 1.5 = 0.42 Cum
1.5 is the mixing proportion
METAL SOLUTION = 0.28 x 3 = 0.84 cUM.
3 is the mixing proportion
1 Cum cement concrete is 1:1.5:3 ratio

cement = 403.45 kgs.
sand = 0.42 Cum.
metal = 0.84 Cum. 

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