Use of coping on terrace wall and in 4" wall is compulsory or not ?

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How many square meter can a worker/labor demolish a structure per day?

0 Answers  

Can we use PPC cement for RCC works? Upto which grade it can be used?

3 Answers  

how much of the strength comes from post-production curing

0 Answers  

How to calculate the amount of cement & sand required for plastering work with ratio 1:4 please give me an answer with detailed step.

6 Answers   DSR Management, Simplex,

what is the compressive strenth of m30 grade cocrete column at 7 days

4 Answers  

what is steel

3 Answers  

in a building why we are using T beams? why can i adopt beam bottom & Top level as same as slab bottom & Top level?

0 Answers   UltraTech,

In which direction is bottom bar of rectangular footing is placed in short or long.

1 Answers   AKC,

What is Bearing Capacity of Soil? How will you calculate for a particular type of Soil?

5 Answers   Nagarjuna Construction,

For 12mm thick and cement plastering 1:6 on 100sqm new Brick work the quantity of cement required is

1 Answers  

what"s the merits and demerits of hollow blocks comapre than to bricks?

1 Answers   Punj Lloyd Ltd,

how much cement and sand is used for plastering 1646 sq feet,for 12mm thickness and ratio 1:4

3 Answers   L&T,

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