Please tell me any one, how many quantity concrete paver block fixing perday ( 8hours) per mason??

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How to calculate quantity of cement , sand and granite from concrete mix ratio and volume of work

0 Answers  

How to calculate manhole brick work quantity.

1 Answers   Renaissance International, L&T, RR Constructions, ABC,

how many cement use for 1cum concrete for 25Grade.

18 Answers   Paras,

for solid cement brick without fly ash,we use dust,6mm,12 mm jelly,water my question is what Proportion we mix dust,6mm,12 mm jelly,water ? for good strength brick.

1 Answers   Ramky, bsmcpl,

we want build 10ft height ,tostore 4 litresof water.what is theground basement for steel andcement andsand.please send us basment calculation?

0 Answers   BBCL,

What is the specification of m40 grade concrete

2 Answers   PSU, Era Infra Engineering,

how to calculate steel in slabs ?

1 Answers   Lodha, NCCL,

we have a bore well 275 depth & water is deliver at distance of 1000 feet from the borewell here iam not include the distance of depth and the deliver water horizontally at our reserviour tank on ground level

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What is Rodding in Chimney construction?

1 Answers   SSC,

how to calculate the 45 degree bent up length. if we given that whether the total length of the slab reinforcement will increase or not. mantion it clearly please. this is for bar bending schedule purpose?

4 Answers   Indian Army, L&T,

how calculate cutting length of stell in slab and column? give brif discussion with formula?

2 Answers   ATS, Gammon, Pegasus,

How much cement is require in one sqft area in a G+3 residential construction.

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