surge tank, hrc fuse, earthing transformer, firm power objective type

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Whether earthmat designning is done only for sub station or it can be done for multy residential complexes also? What is the size, type & arrangement of the earth grid to be done?

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what is the transformer turn ratio formula and give some examples?

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If i=10+10sin314t then find the rms and average value of current with explain?

0 Answers   Heptacare, TCS,

what is power factor?

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can i used 400A SFU (for the use of PA fan motor),if my BUSBAR rating is only 315A?????answer me quickly as possible.......thanks

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why core of transformer in square or rectangular why not in circle or ellipse if this what happens

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Can any body tell me about Hi-pot test, and why it is necessary and its procedure of testing

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Can earth resistance be measured without connecting the earth electrode? and should earthing connections be disconnected What is the effect of connecting two cables of different sizes in parallel with supply? Thanks in Advance. I am intrested to get in touch with some tecnocrats/engineers,my mail i.d is :

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1.Is there any difference between terminologies,HT-HV &LT- LV? 2.What is the highest transmission voltage level in india?

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Why C.T secondary s2 done earthing?

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where is core-type and shell-type construction suitable for transformers ?

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