surge tank, hrc fuse, earthing transformer, firm power objective type

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What is the basic difference among IPS,UPS,EPS?

2 Answers   ABB, Navana,

This is reqd for a 1MW Solar power plant..We have 2DC outputs from the solar panels Connected to 2INVERTOR panels.. Output from invertor is 3ph,280v,500kva,50hz.These are connected to individual ACB.This has to be stepped up to 11KV ,1250KVA SYSTEM.Now can I use (1) one more ACBTO GIVE A COMBINED OUTPUT OF 1000KVA,280V & STEP UP THE OUTPUT BY USING a single two winding 3 ph transformer 11kv/1250kva. or (2)use the two outputs and connect to one three winding transformer of above rating..Pls suggestwith details.

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actual rated capacity of a disc insulator??

5 Answers   OPTCL,

how to calculate the cable size for 500 kva transformer?

3 Answers  

what is meant by armature reaction?

13 Answers  

What is the difference between acs 550 & acs 850

0 Answers   Madhucon,

there is a # KVA Transformer of 11 KV/440V, in simple(not use formuia) how can you calculate it's HT & LT side current.

5 Answers   Construction, wbsedcl,

what is the difference between between open delta and broken delta?

5 Answers   Reliance,

what is the difference between 2phase & 3 phase?

1 Answers   NTPC,

Is there any problem if i connect APFC panel in generator circuit

2 Answers  

What is the full form of AND,OR and other logic gates

7 Answers  

When a square wave is applied to primary of a transformer then what will be output wave form of secondary ?

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