Does home used kerosene which is available in blue color can change its color after keeping number of years (say 8-10 years)? If yes, then in which color will it turned to? Will it change to yellow color or transparent color? Please reply with suitable technical suggestion/approach. Its an important question which was asked. I need a very strong technical reply. Please help me.

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I am writing the chemical engineering subject test for Reliance India Limited. Could someone who has taken the test please list some of the questions from that paper?

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ACCOUNTING AND FINANCIAL ENGINEERING - EXAMPLE 34.31 : In a biochemical engineering company, let the actual revenue generated = A, actual cost incurred = B. According to the standard budget, the revenue generated = C, cost incurred = D. (a) Find the profit according to : (i) actual situation; (ii) standard budget. (b) Calculate the Variance Due to Price and Efficiency in : (i) revenue generated; (ii) cost incurred; (iii) profit. (c) If E > F where > represents : more than, find the 4 pairs of values of E and F in favorable conditions.

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i need last year question paper of GATE exam of chemical stream.but i failed i geting exam papers.soits humble request to u that if any body found last years GATE exam paper of chemical stream then send it to on this mail address.i shall be thankful to u for this. mail address:- thank you.

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why we make urea prills , why we do not make crystals of urea,

1 Answers   IFFCO,

Tell us about a time when you failed to meet a deadline. What were the repercussions?

4 Answers   Emirates, Holiday Inn, Bhavani Engineering Works, Caltex, Regent, United States Seafoods,

BIOPROCESS ENGINEERING - EXAMPLE 14.1 : In differential centrifugation of cells with diameter D in centimeter, the square of D is given by D x D = [18n ln (RF / RI) ] / [ (RP - RFF) Wt ] where n is the fluid viscosity (poise), RF is the final radius of rotation (cm), RI is the initial radius of rotation (cm), RP is cell density (g / ml), RFF is the fluid density (g/ml), W the square for the rotational velocity in (radians / s) (radians / s), t is the time required to sediment from RI to RF (s). Derive an equation for W as a function for D, n, RF, RI, RP, RFF and t, with the stated units above, in radian & degree.

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what is AZ431 & how to check it by using multimeter?

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Why whenever a reciprocating compressor is switched ON or OFF it is put into unloading mode?

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how to calculat suction head in centrifugal pump?

2 Answers   IOCL,

what is designing step of heat exchanger

0 Answers   Reliance,

QUANTUM CHEMISTRY AND CHEMICAL ENGINEERING - EXAMPLE 31.8 : (a) Acceptable wavefunction in quantum mechanics in the range of : negative infinity < x < positive infinity, vanishes at least at one boundary. Which of the following is the wavefunction or are the wavefunctions of acceptable theory : P = x, P = | x |, P = sin x, P = exp (-x), P = exp (-| x |)? State the reason. (b) Let linear momentum operator P = -ih d / dz. The wavefunction is S = exp (-ikz) where i x i = -1, k and h are constants. Find the linear momentum of such wavefunction by using the term P x S.

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Question 99 - (a) The quantum number m is given by m = -s, -s + 1. If s = 0.5, find the values of m. (b) | T > = (cos T) | V > + (sin T) | H >. The V and H states form a basis for all polarizations. Let cos T = 0.8. (i) If (sin T)(sin T) + (cos T)(cos T) = 1, find the value of sin T. (ii) For | T > = a | V > + b | H >, where a x a represents the probability of | V > and b x b represents the probability of | H >. Which one is more abundant, | V > or | H >? (iii) Find the value of T without using any mathematical tools.

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