What's is the mechanism of for stroke engine

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can DOL used with slip ring motor?

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why water first pass to sac then sba

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Methodology for calibration for ctm.... Explain in simple way pls

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Difference between ac and dc

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Question 98 - The Planck-Einstein relation connects the particulate photon energy E with its associated wave frequency f to produce E = hf. Let h to be the Planck constant. The frequency f, wavelength L and speed of light c are related by E = hc / L. With p denoting the linear momentum of a particle, the de Broglie wavelength L of the particle is given by L = h / p. (a) Find the equation of E as a function of p and c. (b) If E has a unit of electron-volt and f has a unit of 1 / second, then what is the unit of h?

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How can u find reactive loads(Kvar)?

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What is the neutral voltage in practical AC systems

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Question 97 - Two viruses a and b with masses of Ma and Mb are moving at velocities of Va and Vb respectively, facing towards each other and collide. After collision both masses of Ma and Mb disappear. (a) Find the total momentum available for both a and b. Hint : momentum = mass x velocity = M x V. (b) Guess the total energy E generated from the disappearance of a and b. Let c to be the velocity of light. Hint : E is equal to M c square.

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what should be the recommended BDV of an oil transformer???

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What is the DG power factor ? how?

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i need SCII placement papers

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