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Why patra you join

0 Answers   Patra Corporation,

what's the defiance between T beam and inverted beam.

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Difference between ac and dc

0 Answers   Eaton,

I want model ofs interview question paper

0 Answers   OFS,

Question 95 - The following formula is used as a reference : (analyte signal) / (internal standard signal) = (f-factor) x (concentration of analyte) / (concentration of internal standard). A solution containing 3 mM of analyte and 4 mM of internal standard gave peak signals of 2 and 3 mamps respectively. Another similar solution containing 2 mM of analyte and 1 mM of internal standard gave peak signals of 1 and 4 mamps respectively. Find the average f-factor.

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why we use transformers?

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about metallurgy

0 Answers   Bhushan Power Steel,

i want MEIL placementt papers

0 Answers   MEIL,

How to calculate the angle in electrical transmission line

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Handpump harness water dont go back.Why?

1 Answers   Focus Energy,

what should be the recommended BDV of an oil transformer???

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difference between gauges and comparator

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