group discussion important topics

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Question asked in prototech first round

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group discussion important topics

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What is smoke testing and sanity testing in software testing

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difference between gauges and comparator

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what should be the recommended BDV of an oil transformer???

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How to calculate the angle in electrical transmission line

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How does an Accumulator works?

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what electricalcable size for 132kw motor 4pole

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when power factor leading above 1 than defect moter and kwh.

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Question 97 - Two viruses a and b with masses of Ma and Mb are moving at velocities of Va and Vb respectively, facing towards each other and collide. After collision both masses of Ma and Mb disappear. (a) Find the total momentum available for both a and b. Hint : momentum = mass x velocity = M x V. (b) Guess the total energy E generated from the disappearance of a and b. Let c to be the velocity of light. Hint : E is equal to M c square.

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speed control by the variation of field flux result in 1- constant power drive 2-variable torque drive

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