When column of building is abutting the boundary line,then suitable footing advised is

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sir please send me campus placement questions in civil engineering

0 Answers   Gammon,

in the footings first which reinforcement bar has to be layed as per design criteria.

3 Answers  

Sir please Bhel Enigineer trainy test papaers in civil engineering

1 Answers   Bhel,

L/3 and l2 and 1.5l is use for reiforcement

1 Answers   Manas Group,

what is the different betweem expansion and construction joints

2 Answers  

What is the procedure and technnology behind jointing of prestessed block in Delhi metro rail project.

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how many nails in 1 kg for 1 inches?

2 Answers   Sobha Developers, Jagson, Shoba Devlopers,

What is The meaning Of Auto cad And Also Define What Is Drawing According To You

14 Answers   MNC,

you are planning to paint a newly fabricated workshop building made of structural steel of 10 tons total mass.you are require to paint 1 cot of primer and 2 coats of top coat.How many liters of primer and top coat you will request

2 Answers  

Why the name is "partial safety factor" why not "safety factor"?

0 Answers   Engineers India Limited,

what is superbuilt-up area in flats & how it is calculate?

5 Answers  

discuss the precautions to be taken during the various steps of manufacturing of concrete

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