what is the configuration of 1+1+1?

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More Electronics Communications Interview Questions

i am going to face the gd round for the ues exam ,going to be conducted in our college campus by indian army soon so i just want to know that which kind of technical questions are usually asked in the interview after gd ..???

1 Answers   Indian Military Services,

What is motherboard in pc? And why it is called motherboard.

0 Answers   CPU,

what is the difference bitween adsl and dsl

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what is the realation of voltage & current.

1 Answers   Cipla, Anand Group,

what is meant by tunneling?

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What is the constructional difference between SR and JK flip flop ???

2 Answers  

Explain About RRC states?

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important questions about sip and ims protocols

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whats the reason behind SF fault on siemens PLC.please explain in detail.

0 Answers   Pakistan Cables,

hi, This is manglam.I have done BE(E&TC). I have been selected for icici po interview on 7th sept.So what type of questions they may ask? If u have any interview questions , plz mail me(vickymanglam@gmail.com). are the gd topics always related with economics?

0 Answers   ICICI,

why AM is used for video and FM is used for audio in tv. pl help!!!!!!!!

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what is transformer utilisation factor?

0 Answers   TCS,

  • Civil Engineering (4509)
  • Mechanical Engineering (3659)
  • Electrical Engineering (15496)
  • Electronics Communications (2617)
  • Chemical Engineering (701)
  • Aeronautical Engineering (78)
  • Bio Engineering (30)
  • Metallurgy (95)
  • Industrial Engineering (193)
  • Instrumentation (2836)
  • Automobile Engineering (134)
  • Mechatronics Engineering (41)
  • Marine Engineering (60)
  • Power Plant Engineering (162)
  • Engineering AllOther (1316)