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what type of quesions asks in interview?

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why ,in CE configuration amp the output is 180 deg phase shift....?

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what are the advantages of power factor correction in an RLC circuit for a commercial customer, include tariffs.

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Draw the current Vs time graph for an inductor connected to a d.c. source. How will you measure power of a transmissioon line? Tell all the steps alongwith the components used in power generation. Which law governs the induced emf?

0 Answers   Bhel,

Hi I.m Abishek Chandra Electronics and Communication Engineer fresher 2009. I have 2 job offers. 1. Configuration Engineer at First American Corporation 2.Testing Engineer at Mphsis I don't wat to go by the brand name. I.m thinking in terms of growth

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Which type of connector we use at the end of GSM antenna/

0 Answers   NSN,

What precautions are required to be observed in the use of leds?

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It is said that buffer is used when any circuit has to drive large outputs. why is buffer used?

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what questions are asked in this round for ece

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working and uses of current transformer?

0 Answers   Infosys,

Define what is intrinsic semiconductor ?

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How to measure 4-20 mA in the live Ckt. r when the equipment is working ( example VFD, PLC).& 4-20mA used in maximum all ckts.

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When transmitting digital signals is it necessary to transmit some harmonics in addition to fundamental frequency?

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