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ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY - EXAMPLE 16.1 : According to Shockley equation, the I - V characteristic of a diode is approximated by I = IS [ exp (nVD / VT) - 1 ]. For silicon, let the reverse bias saturation current IS as 0.000000000001. If n is ideality factor with value of 1.5, VT as thermal voltage drop of 0.026 V at room temperature, what is the value of current I that passes through the silicon diode in the heater of evaporator when the forward voltage drop VD = 0.026 V? Please take note that exp is the exponential function with e(1) = 2.718, e(2) = 7.389.

ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY - EXAMPLE 16.1 : According to Shockley equation, the I - V characteristic of a..

Answer / kangchuentat

ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY - ANSWER 16.1 : I = IS [ exp (nVD / VT) - 1 ] = 0.000000000001 [ exp (1.5 x 0.026 / 0.026) - 1 ] = 0.00000000000348 A. The answer is given by Kang Chuen Tat; PO Box 6263, Dandenong, Victoria VIC 3175, Australia; SMS +61405421706;;

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PETROLEUM ENGINEERING - QUESTION 25.1 : Fact 1 : Dry air contains 20.95 % oxygen, 78.09 % nitrogen, 0.93 % argon, 0.039 % carbon dioxide, and small amounts of other gases by volume. Fact 2 : Volume occupied is directly proportional to the number of moles for ideal gases at constant temperature and pressure. Fact 3 : 12.5 moles of pure oxygen is required to completely burn 1 mole of pure octane. Fact 4 : Air-fuel ratio (AFR) is the mass ratio of dry air to fuel present in a combustion process such as in an internal combustion engine or industrial furnace. Fact 5 : Molecular weight of oxygen gas is 31.998 g / mole and molecular weight of nitrogen gas is 28.014 g / mole. (a) Find the molar ratio of nitrogen and oxygen, or (moles of nitrogen) / (moles of oxygen) in dry air, by assuming ideal features of nitrogen and oxygen gases. (b) How many moles of nitrogen are available if dry air is used to completely burn the 1 mole pure octane? (c) Find the mass of fuel of 1 mole of octane with molecular weight of 114.232 g / mole. (d) Find the mass of dry air with 12.5 moles of pure oxygen by assuming only oxygen and nitrogen gases exist in the air. (e) Find the air-fuel ratio (AFR) when octane is used as fuel. (f) Find the fuel-air ratio (FAR) when octane is used as fuel.

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Question 53 - In the purchase of a machine with a period n = 8.5 years, the minimum attractive rate of return, i = 12 %, the cost P = $55000, F = $4000 is the salvage, annual maintenance A = $3500. The return of the investment or equivalent uniform annual benefit is $15000. The equivalent uniform annual cost is P (A / P, i, n) + A - F (A / F, i, n). The investment is considered acceptable only when equivalent uniform annual benefit is greater than the equivalent uniform annual cost. From the compound interest table, (A / P, i = 12 %, n = 8 years) = 0.2013, (A / P, i = 12 %, n = 9 years) = 0.1877, (A / F, i = 12 %, n = 8 years) = 0.0813, (A / F, i = 12 %, n = 9 years) = 0.0677. Prove by calculations whether the investment above is acceptable.

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Question 86 - (a) Male with genotype GGmm and phenotype gray wingless mates with female with genotype ggMM and phenotype black winged in fruit flies. G is dominant to g in color. M is dominant to m in wing shape. If the actual distribution of the second generation of the fruit flies was as follow : 890 gray wingless, 900 black winged, 115 gray winged, 95 black wingless, calculate the recombination frequency betwen the two genes and distance in recombination units. Let 1 map unit = 1 % recombination. (b) A DNA molecule has 180 base pairs and 20 % adenine. How many cytosine nucleotides are present in this molecule of DNA?

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Question 94 - The resolution of separation, Rs for chromatography is given by the formula Rs = (difference in retention time) / (average width at the base). In a chromatogram, 3 peaks a, b and c are found. Average widths W at the bases of the solutes are : Wa = 20 s, Wb = 40 s, Wc = 30 s. Resolutions of separation, Rs for solutes b and c in comparison to a are 2 and 4 respectively. The differences in retention times T for b and c in comparison to a are (Tb - Ta) and (Tc - Ta), Ta = Tc - Tb : (a) Form 2 equations involving Rs as a function of Wa, Wb, Wc, Ta, Tb and Tc. (b) Find the values of Ta, Tb and Tc.

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Is four stage graphite steam jet ejector is possible. Any body can provide its design

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