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What is the chemical name of Silica gel?

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What is the chemical name of Silica gel?..

Answer / p. sreelakshmi

Silica gel is a granular, vitreous, porous form of silicon dioxide made synthetically from sodium silicate.

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What is the chemical name of Silica gel?..

Answer / ganesh

Silica gel is Silicon di oxide

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Hello i am a chemical engineer presently looking for a job i am applying many jobs in naukri and in all job portals but i am not getting any call or interview so kindly some one help me in this regard soundar

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For a heat exchanger, will the overall heat transfer coefficient increase along with an increase in lmtd (log mean temperature difference) around the unit?

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Question 53 - In the purchase of a machine with a period n = 8.5 years, the minimum attractive rate of return, i = 12 %, the cost P = $55000, F = $4000 is the salvage, annual maintenance A = $3500. The return of the investment or equivalent uniform annual benefit is $15000. The equivalent uniform annual cost is P (A / P, i, n) + A - F (A / F, i, n). The investment is considered acceptable only when equivalent uniform annual benefit is greater than the equivalent uniform annual cost. From the compound interest table, (A / P, i = 12 %, n = 8 years) = 0.2013, (A / P, i = 12 %, n = 9 years) = 0.1877, (A / F, i = 12 %, n = 8 years) = 0.0813, (A / F, i = 12 %, n = 9 years) = 0.0677. Prove by calculations whether the investment above is acceptable.

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what is isochronus and droop speed?

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How 'saltation velocity' is used in designing pneumatic conveying systems?

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A concentric, counter-current heat exchanger is used to cool lubricating oil. Water is used as the coolant. The mass flow rate of oil into the heat exchanger is 0.1 kg / s = FO. For oil, the inlet temperature TIO = 100 degree Celsius and the outlet temperature TOO = 55 degree Celsius. For water, the inlet temperature TIW = 35 degree Celsius and the outlet temperature TOW = 42 degree Celsius. What is the mass flow rate of water in kg / s, FW needed to maintain these operating conditions? Constant for heat capacity of oil is CO = 2131 J /(kg K) and for water is CW = 4178 J /(kg K). Use the equation (FO)(CO)(TIO – TOO) = (FW)(CW)(TOW – TIW).

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ACCOUNTING AND FINANCIAL ENGINEERING - EXAMPLE 34.13 (CORRECTION) : (i) In the Present Value Multiplication Rule, let PV = present value, Ra = interest rate for first discount, A = duration for first discount; Rc = interest rate for second discount, C = duration for second discount. Let PV = [ 1 / (1 + Ra) ^ A ] [ 1 / (1 + Rc) ^ C ] where ^ is the symbol of power : 3 ^ 2 = 3 x 3, 2 ^ 3 = 2 x 2 x 2. (a) For discounts involving 8 % / year for 3 years and 10 % / year for 9 years, find the value of PV. (b) If Re = interest rate for third discount, E = duration of third discount, form a mathematical equation of PV as a function of A, C, E, Ra, Rc, Re. Note : Discounts are available in the purchase of certain biochemical engineering instruments. (ii) Let R = nominal interest rate related to growth rate of money, r = real interest rate related to growth rate of purchase power. If I = inflation, where the unit of R, r and I is %, find the mathematical relationship of r as a function of R and I.

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What type of flow measurement devices is best for slurries?

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how much height hight work permit requred

2 Answers   Atul, BARC,

How can one quickly estimate the additional pressure drop to be introduced with more tube passes?

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what is the difference between psv and prv?

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