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What is difference between Ionization heat and bimetallic heat

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How to check electrical health of Vibration probe?

0 Answers   QAFCO,

Convert a pressure, level, flow, or temperature process variable value into the appropriate pneumatic or electrical value given different types of instruments.

6 Answers   Jindal, MCL, Thermax,

open tank and close tank leavel transmiter about range and calibration

0 Answers  

whats the abbreviation of IOP? is it instrument of power or input open problem?

0 Answers  

we are having yokogawa centum cs3000 dcs in our power plant. i need some of the operator guides NOT to appear in HIS0163 AND HIS 0162 but it shoul appear in HIS0164 HOW TO DO IT?

0 Answers   Yokogawa,

What is the Relation Between flow and pressure. How both terms related with each other.

1 Answers  


1 Answers   Tata Steel Limited,

what is difference between RTD , thermo couple and thermistor in general ?? (except temperature co-efficient )

5 Answers   Bilt,

What is the three element? And how it work?

1 Answers  

why twisted pair of wires is used in instrumentation ?

6 Answers   ONGC,

what is different between 2,3&4 wire rtd and how much maximum distance using plc to field.

0 Answers  

Please can anybody tell me the step by step procedure for calibrating the Pr,Lvl,Fl,Temp transmitter on process?

1 Answers  

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