What is the use of temperature compensation?

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why we are using (-24VDC) and where we r using plz tell me

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What is the right procedure for adjusting the gap voltage of bently nevada vibration sensor?

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where proximity sensor installed on tank in loading arm application

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when the operation engineer told you that he gives the control valve order to open but there is no response ! what will you do ? and if you found that there is astuck , what will you do ? (note : it is apanumatic valve )

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what is different betwen Process zero and atm zero?

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list of flame proof certification ?

1 Answers   TATA,

Why rtd  out put is ohm how create the ohm 

1 Answers   Samsung,

Drum level tx with GP4 with zero elevation:7300mmh20 on HP and 8050mmh2o on LP as range but on commissioning the tx readiing is max,Why this reading?

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0 Answers   Chevron,

Dear Sir/Madam,im going to attend Hpcl written exams on feb 17th in instrumentation stream..can anyone send me the HPCL model papers and pattern of HPCL ....i ve not yet attended anything in HPCL...so i dont know how it comes...so just i need some model test papers and pattern ..pls help me friends...

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what is installation and commissioning of (fat & sat) of power plant dcs ? this question keeps in desirable conditions of one company .

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Hi, am aniket, I got engineering degree in instrumentation and control, but as their were no job availabilities for engineer's post I started working as instrumentation technician I kuwait, so my question is is this technician's experience worth for getting the position of engineer?

1 Answers   Almeer Technical Services,

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