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What attracted you to analytical chemistry?

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If change in specification which parameter require to do for validation? if change in chromtographic condition then which parameter? if api change then which parameter? if change composition then which parameter? if old method not work out then whicj parameter? if additional one impurity added then which parameter of validation require to do on above each conditions? elaborate separately

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how require to set assay concentration for standard and sample?

0 Answers  

Who discovered X-ray

2 Answers   Huntsman Corporation,

As per USP u/vacuum means (how much vacuum should be applied)?

1 Answers   Mylan,

what is the difference between qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis and explain them?

1 Answers   Dr Reddys,

why do we adjusted ph in the mobilphase

9 Answers   Cipla, Dr Reddys, Reddy Labs,

Why potassium dichromate was using in Uv calibration?

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What is dose dumping? why require to do?

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perchloric acid&glacal acetic acid both are acids but reaction is complete in volumetric

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what is Hilic chromatography?

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Why do we use 500ppb sucrose and 500ppb 1,4 benzoquinone in TOC calibration?

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Why 1800 ml of dissolution media used In Carbamazepine ER USP Tablets But other drug only 900 ml Media Used ?

1 Answers   Torrent Pharma,

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