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When distance between two pulleys is not fixed, the tension of belt is adjusted by
a) driver shaft b) driven shaft c) adjustment screw d) belt

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what is form factor?

3 Answers  

how could we know the size of cable by physical view?

0 Answers   Havells, United Engineering,

why the pf of semiconductor device is improved the electrical devices

0 Answers  

What is the meter used to check the DG sound level.and pollution check

2 Answers  

We have a 33/11kv switchyard having 12.5 MVA power transformer. We export & import power through this transformer. When we export power, the PF will be depend on GRID PF & when we import power the PF will be depend on our load PF. but the problem is that,when neither we export nor import but our 33KV vCB is in close position,our meter read the power factor 0.14 to 0.25 at that moment. So how can be we improve the power factor at that moment.

3 Answers  

Two alternators say 1 & 2 are poised to parallel operation. But at the time of paralleing alternator 2 gets out of the system by tripping Earth fault relay. Please send me reply why this is happening?

2 Answers  

In an ammeter used for measurement of current, what is the meaning of the representation of range as '0-50-300'?

4 Answers  

How to checking sld drawingas and control drawings

1 Answers  

In a three-phase full converter, every SCR conducts for a.60deg. b. 120deg. C.180deg. d.90deg

3 Answers  

What is the rating of your substation and what are the different types of substations?

5 Answers   Bhel, NTPC, UPPCL,

what is droop control?

0 Answers   BARC,

How to get Electrical Supervisory Licence in chennai Tamil Nadu from TNEB. I am BE EEE graduate.

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