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how do you measure the 1:2:4 and 1:1:2 proportion rcc concrete for one cubic metre? what is the cement qty. sand qty. jelly qty.

how do you measure the 1:2:4 and 1:1:2 proportion rcc concrete for one cubic metre? what is the ceme..

Answer /

M15- 1:2:4
total value(1+2+4)= 7
if you use 40mm or 20mm aggregate, you can use ingredient value = 1.52 for 40mm, 1.56 for 20mm Aggregate.
cement 1 cum = 1440kg
= 1440/50 = 28.8 bags
so, for one cubic meter.

Cement = 1/7x1.52x28.8
= 6.25 bags
Sand = 2/7x1.52
= 0.434 cum
Agg.(40mm) = 4/7x1.52
= 0.868 cum

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