What is the function of end capped column?

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Answer / bhagavanji nelakanti

Masking of secondary silanol groups of bonding phase by tri
methyl silane (TMS)molecules is called as end capping. In
the bonded phase the secondary silanol molecules which shows
high polar bonding property with compound retains in the
column and those compounds elute slowly. Because of the end
capping the binding property of the secondary silanol
molecules will reduce and resulting less retention of those

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Answer / premraj behera

All the packing material(active silanol group) has been end-capped(fixed) with trimethylsilyl/double end-capped with dimethylsilyl and trimethylsilyl group. End-capped stationary phase increase column stability and reducing the solubility rate o f the silica support, and also useful for rugged method development. Double end-capped column appears to further increase column stability.

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Answer / ravi kumar thota

Silica is an amorphous polymer of silicon and oxygen. This polymer terminates at the surface of the particle as –Si-OH groups, commonly called “silanols.” These silanol groups serve as attachment sites for the bonded phase. A silane reagent, such as Cl(CH3)2SiC18H37 is reacted with the silanol to form a silyl ether (–Si-O-Si-). The bulk of the C18 group prevents bonding to all of the exposed silanols. This results in a surface that looks much like that on the left side of Figure 1, where there is a fairly high population of unbounded silanols, often termed “residual silanols.” The residual silanols are somewhat acidic and can be overly reactive with sample components, especially basic analytes, so it is preferable to reduce the population of residual silanols.

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