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How to do maint. Of busbar.

How to do maint. Of busbar...

Answer / avinit saha

A busbar is a copper plate/bar which is used in main and emergency switchboards to conduct electricity from generators or from one electrical terminal to another. Busbar Inspection and maintenance is carried out by
1.Carryout visual inspection of copper plate and nut bolts. Mark any missing or burn out areas.
2.By hand or using a metal or plastic stick (where access for hand is not possible), tap the bus plates gently so as to make out for any loose connection. Ensure to wear electrical gloves even when bus bar is not live.
3.The busbars are mechanical supported inside the switchboard by means of insulators, which may be of rubber or ceramic materials (bad conductors). Check for any damages in the insulator part.
4.By using an adjustable spanner or particular size spanner, tighten the nuts in the busbar connection for main and emergency switch boards.
5.Check the tightness of the wire connections, which is connected to the circuit breakers.
6.Clean the bus bar and switchboard area with the help of vacuum cleaner.
7.If u find any loose connection or spark, black-out the particular and adjacent bus bar before tightening the nut.
8.If u find any metal piece or nut bolts missing or inside the panel, ensure to remove it as the same can cause short circuit or fire

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