How much cost is required for 1 Flyash Brick?

How much cost is required for 1 Flyash Brick?..

Answer / gowtham1993

3-4 rupees it depends upon the area
1 load =12000

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I have certain queries, please help to solve. a) length of pile bore is 4m.excavation quantity will be area * length where area will be pi/4 * dia*dia. Is this right? b) It is a single reamed pile of 300m dia and reamed dia is 750mm. can any body help me to calculate excavated quantity of this bulb(reamed section),, concrete quantity in bulb with showing the formulas to be used?

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kindly mail me by attaching files , formats for quality checks of common building materials like cement , concrete , bricks , sand and aggregates plz send my email id-

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