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Connection diagram for KW meter and  Kva meter

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what is the power rating of CPU, CRT type moniter, LCD type moniter,scanner Approx.

0 Answers   HAL,

for opening electrical shop, tips needed.

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TO operate transformers in parallel, vector symbol of the both should be same.If one transformer name plate is not there, how can we conclude that whether the transformer is having the same vector symbol or not?

4 Answers  

what is the difference between neutral and earth?

2 Answers  

For an 100kw generator, only 50kw of load is connected. will the generator generate only 50kw or 100kw. if it generate 100kw what happens to rest of the 50kw. what happens if we connect more than 100kw of load?

8 Answers  

Why HT voltages are expressed in 11KV,22KV,33KV and so on? (ie in times of 11)

3 Answers   Bhel, Park Hotel,

what is a drive ?

3 Answers  

what will happen if u run induction motor beyond its rated speed

13 Answers   Adani, BARC, Bescom,

can we share mvar in parrelell connected alternators

2 Answers  

Convert a star connected network into a delta connected network.

0 Answers   Syntel, Visa,

How do you convert the lt amps on a transformer to the ht amps?

2 Answers  

A 100 kVA , 400 v/250 kv testing transformer has 8% leakage reactance and resistance on 100 KVA base . A cable has to be tested at 500 kv using the above transformer as a resonant transformer at 50 hz . if the charging current of the cable at 500 kv is 0.4 A find the series inductance required . Assume 2% resistance for the inductor to be used and the connecting leads . Neglect dielectric loss of hte cable . what will be the input voltage to the transformer ?

0 Answers   L&T,

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