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What are objectives of energy managements ?

What are objectives of energy managements ?..

Answer / vinay krishna

Objectives are resource conservation, climate protection and cost savings, while the users have permanent access to the energy they need

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what is IP55,IP65

4 Answers  

while starting a liquid starter ,is there any volage drop on water/soda on tank.can we touch the tank on starting?

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Why strting torqe high in inducation motor?

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why square root 2 is multiplied with line voltage in selection of LA ie 11/sqrtroot3=6.35 kv and it is multiplied with sqrt2 ie 6.35 KV*sqrt2=8.9 kv we will select question is why we are multiplying with sqrt 2?

1 Answers   KSPL,

what is difference between elr and R eartl realy.

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What motor is used in ceiling fans and what motor is used in table fan.? why table fan is costlier than ceiling fan?

6 Answers   Bhel,

you have an automatic voltage regulator at home for your appliances,if the voltage in your area drops from 220v to 190v,does the output of the automatic voltage regulator drops?or does it retains the 220v output?

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why efficiency of generator is greater than motor?

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Is electro plating what type of load whether resistive, inductive or capacitive loads

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Calculate the demand in KVA for a three phase 440V power source drawing 1100A current

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hi frienda We have 750kva cater pillet dg set we are fasing one diffrent proublam in dg we are start dg set after one mint applying load around 450a load but dg was run 3 Or 4 mints after 3 mints dg was shuding down automatic how to face this proublam pls tel any budy

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i ha done my 10th with 71% ,ITI with 81% 11th with 75% 12th 43% apprentiship with 71% in SAT i secure 1390 ,TOEFL 27 i was refused four times and in all me interview visa officar told that i am not Qualify for study in USA but i completed my 12th yes i got low persentage in my 12th but i seen to much student they already got visa with them 3 or 4 backlocs so why they are refused me ?

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