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write down a program to that reads the data from port 02H,
count the number of 1's in the data and display the count on
port 03H in 8085 microprocessor

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What is the different bitween BSc(Eng)& BEng Degrees?? please answer this.i have to choose one & i want to do the best.

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i want to know the rrb section engg. the question paper also with interview questions.pls mail me at

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We take the area of collector wide comparison to base and emitter. Why?

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what are all the requirements to build a small robot,which can work to certain distance? (please give a detailed requirement)

0 Answers   Bosch, Wipro,

why do u want to join in wipro?

6 Answers   Call Centre, Wipro,

Consider sinc(x):where sinc(x)=sin (xpi)/xpi. and sinc(x) have max value i.e. unity at x=0 .now if x=0.then pix =0 and sin (pix)=0 at x=0. then above expression sin (xpi)/xpi.should be of 0/0 form i.e. in-determined form. then how sinc(x) is one at x=0. pi is constant.

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What is circuit switching?

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How can leveltrol be installed in steam drum for measuring the level of steam drum

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what is a E1?

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What are digital electronic flip flops?

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What is meant a series inverter?

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hello! i am a new/fresh industrial electronics enginner ? I am going to have an interview on 10 May. What topics and questions should i study for the preparation of my interview and what will be the possible questions that one can ask from a fresh industrial electronics engineer ?

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