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can i connect REF and
Differencial relay in 1 CT
core for transformer

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How to design power source say 5KW i/p :415v 3 ph, o/p 5KW constant, variable currnt and variable volatge 10-230v,

2 Answers  

how to calculate current carring capacity of cable and cable selection? 1) copper flexible cable 2) copper armoured cable 3) Aluminium cable

0 Answers  

in our 6.6kv motor feeder[it is having two sources from Bus A&B] earth fault relay is acting, we checked CBCT connection and cable meggerd values found very good still earth fault acting during first two are three start after that it will hold. please clarify what was the reason. if same motor is starting from other Bus-A it will start.

1 Answers   Gasal, Voltech,

why we don't use air circuit breaker on H T line in place of vacuum circuit breaker ?

2 Answers   Jindal,

What is Instantaneous Earth fault relay,how will work

0 Answers  

How the frame size of a flange mounted AC induction motor is calculated?

0 Answers   APCPDCL,

hi, i finished eee in 2008, im worked in dg sets mfg company , now i left job in 6months back, now again i want get job core side, how can i get? is there any couses we have learn to get better oppurtunity? /

0 Answers  

how can i design a APFCR panel? please explain with example..

1 Answers   Milestone, Reliance Jio,

what is the potential of 11kv A.B.Switch

1 Answers   Power Grid,

The neutral&earth voltage is 0v.But we were connected the lighting load at the time ballast was failed.why?

1 Answers  

Wind mill

0 Answers   Suzlon,

If there is no problem with the electronic circuit and regulator then why the motor start rotating at low value of regulator with full speed both at laod and no load??? and if my judgement of circuit is wrong then what is your openion?

0 Answers  

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