how the calculatio is taken for shuttering in staircase.

how the calculatio is taken for shuttering in staircase...

Answer / m.senthilkumar

1.(FLIGHT & LANDING) calculate each flight underside,landing
underside area.landing underside area is normal L*B,but
flight underside area calculate using formula (A*A +
B*B=C*C)=length of flight then L*B=AREA .
2.(WASTE SLAB) calculate waste slab side ex.waste slab
flight length 3.8m=(both sides)2*3.8*.15=1.14sq.m.
3.landing sides=l*h(l=3sides)
4.(STEP) ex.width of staircase=1.25m,riser=.15m,threader.3m
each flight13steps
each flight calculation=width=1.25*13=16.25sq.m
both sides =(0.15*.03*13)=0.585 sq.m

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