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What is Acquisition?

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What is Acquisition?..

Answer / sridhar

An acquisition, also known as a takeover, is the buying of
one company (the ‘target’) by another. An acquisition may
be friendly or hostile. In the former case, the companies
cooperate in negotiations; in the latter case, the takeover
target is unwilling to be bought or the target's board has
no prior knowledge of the offer. Acquisition usually refers
to a purchase of a smaller firm by a larger one. Sometimes,
however, a smaller firm will acquire management control of
a larger or longer established company and keep its name
for the combined entity. This is known as a reverse

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What is Acquisition?..

Answer / chutke amresh

1. In business, an acquisition is when one company
purchases another.

2. In marketing, customer acquisition is the process of
gaining customers.

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What is Acquisition?..

Answer / ashima

The purchase of one firm by another

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What is Acquisition?..

Answer / gaurav

acquisition is completely acquiring another company by
purchasing it.

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What is Acquisition?..

Answer / charmy


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What is Acquisition?..

Answer / nimmi

acquisition means when company acquire the any instrument
like house, machinery etc for business purpose that is
called acguisition.
acqusition means- purchase

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What is Acquisition?..

Answer / ajay gupta

Definition of 'Acquisition'
A corporate action in which a company buys most, if not all,
of the target company's ownership stakes in order to assume
control of the target firm. Acquisitions are often made as
part of a company's growth strategy whereby it is more
beneficial to take over an existing firm's operations and
niche compared to expanding on its own. Acquisitions are
often paid in cash, the acquiring company's stock or a
combination of both.

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What is Acquisition?..

Answer / abhi

Acquisition means takeover of the company or purchase the business of other company.

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What is Acquisition?..

Answer / sugandha

Aquisition refers to a situation where one firm aquires
another and latter ceases to exist.

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What is Acquisition?..

Answer / j.jeetesh

purchase something

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