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what is bms?

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what is bms? ..

Answer / vinoth

In view of thermal power plant,
BMS- Burner Management system
which is an automated Logical program which governs safe
start up and shutdown of the boiler.
it avoids human error and assures safety of each equipment
in the boiler

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what is bms? ..

Answer / carl_ellis

BMS could be either

- Building Management System, commercial building HVAC
(Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning) control system and
can include security and fire systems

- Burner Managment System, a control system for flame safety
and combustion control on gas and liquid fueled combustion

Carl Ellis
Measure First

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what is bms? ..

Answer / w.a.a

both replies are correct, so when you ask next time define
in which field or where these apreviations were used,, uuffff

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what is bms? ..

Answer / ali

BMS- building Management system and it use to control the
building heating and cooling (HVAC)

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