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how many plastr work in one bag cement

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how many plastr work in one bag cement ..

Answer / pravin g. patil

4.72 m2.

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how many plastr work in one bag cement ..

Answer / sreejith

To plaster 1 m2 of area using the mix 1:5 at a thick ness of 12 mm ,volume of cement is .0032m3 ie 4.61 kg.So using 1 bag cement which is 50 kg...the area that can be plastered =50/4.61= saay between 10-11 m2

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how many plastr work in one bag cement ..

Answer / shekhar kundena

practically it is 8.194 Sq.M. In practice, maximum masons required 1.5 bags to plaster 100 Sq.Ft.

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