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In case of legging current of 20°, pf is .94 and leading of 20°,pf is .94 , in mathematicaly both are same but in realy how it is differ ?

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In case of legging current of 20°, pf is .94 and leading of 20°,pf is .94 , in mathematical..

Answer / prem maheshwari

in case of leading, current leads the voltage at angle of 20,and in laging current lags behind the voltage.mathematically both have equal vallu but, phasor diag. is diffrent. frist is capacitive load second is inductive load.

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In case of legging current of 20°, pf is .94 and leading of 20°,pf is .94 , in mathematical..

Answer / s.sakthivel perambalur

lagging meant in power supply voltage sin wave is first
distributed and then omega time period later current sin
wave is distributed
but leading meant is current sin wave is first distributed
then omega time period later voltage sin wave distributed

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In case of legging current of 20°, pf is .94 and leading of 20°,pf is .94 , in mathematical..

Answer / najeeb khan

reactive power remains same in both cases. mathematically we
just write Legging or leading. actually reactive power is an
undesirable phenomenon whether it is legging or leading.

the reason we think that leading pf is good is that it
neutralizes the legging reactive pf,(as our power system
mostly consists of legging pf equipments ).

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