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During a turn , why does the inner Tyre experience greater
resistance to turning than the outer Tyre?

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During a turn , why does the inner Tyre experience greater resistance to turning than the outer Ty..

Answer / yasin

max steering effort and weight is act near inner wheel so
that only inner tyre experience more resistance.

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During a turn , why does the inner Tyre experience greater resistance to turning than the outer Ty..

Answer / inbanahul

It is due to differential.
when a large vehicle has to curve on road, outer wheels
cover more distance as compared to inner wheels, so In order
that wheels do not skid, we use Differential. It consists of
no. of gear wheels like Crown Wheel or Ring Gear and Tail
Pinion. Tail pinion is mounted after propeller shaft. It
drives Ring Gear which consists of Sun and planet gear
assembly. So Whatever the type of curve is , Lift or Right
Turn, that respective shaft, precisely B.P. shaft, revolves
faster, resulting in that wheel revolving faster.

Differential Can be used in Rear or Front Axle or In both,
depending on Drive, 2 wheel Front or Rear Drive or Four
wheel Drive.

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