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why the manufacturer provide M and C terminals ? why they will
not internally short them ?

why the manufacturer provide M and C terminals ? why they will not internally short them ?..

Answer / k.prakashchandra

For using PT for potential coil

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What is Fan Coil Unit . How can we calculate CFM .

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What is reason to get a power factor nearly zero in resistive loads

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why should we india maintain frequency of 50 Hz.

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if 2 coil of 1000W connect in series and 200 v is applied across it . then what is the total power of coil when coil have only resistive load .

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Relay setting for earth fault of reciprocating and centrifugal compressor motor feeder.Setting will be different or same?

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Generally transformers has delta primary and star secondary. But in some transformer i saw Star primary and delta secondary. what is the reason for chosing like this?

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Three phase star connected PT transformer primary side one phase fuse is blown what will be the output in secondary side(Secondary side also three phase star connected)

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what is diversity factor ? plzzzzzz describe me

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What will happen if i connect two 3-phase tranformers secondary supply on one bus bar that is R-Y-B-N?

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why transformer is rated in kva instead of kw?

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can i connect the two phases of scott connected transformer,if not why?

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why in power staions distriution r like 11kv,33kv,66kv in india?

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