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1. What is maximum permissible distance between smoke
detectors ?
2. How do we decide number of smoke detectors required in a
large office, warehouse, hall etc ?
3. What should be maximum height of smoke detectors ?
4. Where do we use heat detector, optical smoke detector,
temperature sensitive detector ?

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who to select a swicth fuse unit......?

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what is the meaning of the symbol << >> put in transformer drawing

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What is the formula for calculating impedance of transformers connected parallel at fault level 50KA?

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what is the working principle of three point starter of dc motor?

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A Generator is in running condition and Rotor earth fault alarm is coming.How to check on line(i.e in running condition) whether there is actual earth fault in rotor or not.

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I decided to provide a 11KV / 440V Xformer in my Substaion. What are the protection required for that?

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hi friends i m from electrical branch and seeking for tech. + apti. both papers of hpcl plz get it available as soon as possible

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how i meggar value of 11kv alternator winding.and with meggar.

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