what main difference betwenn invetter & ups & major difference

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what main difference betwenn invetter & ups & major difference..

Answer / ganesh.a

inverter-electronic device which converts dc to ac.
ups-an uninterrupted power supply it will have both rectifier
and inverter, when power is there, ups charges battery
connected to it through its rectifier(ac to dc),when power is
not there battery feeds power to the ac load through
inverter(dc to ac).

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what main difference betwenn invetter & ups & major difference..

Answer / tpfasil200

UPS = Uninterrupted Power Supply

Protects your PC from Power fluctuations and prevents system crash if there is a sudden power failure. Has a small battery backup which provides enough time to systematically shut down the PC. The battery can be upgraded to last longer.

Inverter = It consists of a battery which gets charged when the Main supply is on. When there is a power failure and mains are cut-off, it discharges supplying power to the household. The battery capacity is far greater than that of a UPS.

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