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why do cars have smaller tyres and bikes bigger ?

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why do cars have smaller tyres and bikes bigger ?..

Answer / raju

its because of stability. depending upon the height and width of the vehicle the size of the tires are decided for greater stabilty.

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why do cars have smaller tyres and bikes bigger ?..

Answer / niks

It turns out that all things being equal, the larger the diameter of the tire, the lower the rolling resistance. Bikes need low rolling resistance so they have big tires, same with commercial trucks by the way. Cars on the other hand have space and air resistance issues that drive the tire size down to a smaller optimal diameter. Similarly tire width is also dictated by a balance between the demands of low rolling resistance and better traction. Tread patterns are also subject to tradeoffs between low rolling resistance (no tread or straight grooves) and good traction especially in wet or muddy conditions (more aggressive tread and lateral grooves).

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why do cars have smaller tyres and bikes bigger ?..

Answer / kishan bamnoliya

beacuse vehicle height and weight ,resistant...

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why do cars have smaller tyres and bikes bigger ?..

Answer / akhtar hussain

because of resistance. high tyres have high resistance and
low have low resistance

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