i(1)= j0.5 p.u., i(2)= -j0.5 p.u., i(0) =j1 p.u. What kind of fault it is-- a)l-l ,b)l-l-g, c)l-l-l-g, d)l-g.

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i(1)= j0.5 p.u., i(2)= -j0.5 p.u., i(0) =j1 p.u. What kind of fault it is-- a)l-l ,b)l-l-g, c)l-l-l-..

Answer / soumen koley

double line to ground fault.

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i(1)= j0.5 p.u., i(2)= -j0.5 p.u., i(0) =j1 p.u. What kind of fault it is-- a)l-l ,b)l-l-g, c)l-l-l-..

Answer / rathiparesh

sorry but can any one explain how is this l-l-g fault?

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