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why most of the induction are delta connected?

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why most of the induction are delta connected?..

Answer / ajit singh

as in delta Iph =Iline/ current in each phase will
be less resulting into less power consumption and losses.

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why most of the induction are delta connected?..

Answer / nanda

We require good starting
Torque, So in Delta mode
it results good starting
torque than star mode

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why most of the induction are delta connected?..

Answer / vinamra

low rating motor are direct delta connected because,in a
delta connection,motor torque is high than star connection.

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why most of the induction are delta connected?..

Answer / nur.asidik

because almost load driven by motor is low power such as pump, so it safe to use delta starting

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why most of the induction are delta connected?..

Answer / kumar

because there is no need for extra neutral connection and
the current consumption is less compared to star connection
and also initial current and torque is high.

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why most of the induction are delta connected?..

Answer / shyam

in delta connection there is no ground like in star it is easy to locate the armature or rotor at
the center of the stator of induction motor

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