why PH range 0-14 explain

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why PH range 0-14 explain..

Answer / vr_durai@yahoo.in

pH range fixing is based on Auto-ionization of corresponding
solvents. That is ionic product of respective solvents.
Hence If we use water then pH range will be 0-14, If we use
sulfuric acid then pH range will be 0-4, If we use liquid
ammonia then pH range will be 0-29.Similarly we can apply
other solvents based on its Auto-ionization and ionic product.

Reference:Advanced Inorganic Chemistry by J.Huheey,Keiter...

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why PH range 0-14 explain..

Answer / balu

ph range is 1-14 why becouse thats hydronium ion concentration value is that means lagarthemic value in between 0-14 thats why all ph value are 0-14

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why PH range 0-14 explain..

Answer / subhadeep mondal

the ph scale extends from 0 to 14 because it is based on the auto ionization of corresponding solvents.On using water the ph range will be 0 to 14. On the other hand we will get other Ph range on using another solvents. The Ph range can vary practically but it theoretically it is known as 0 - 14.

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why PH range 0-14 explain..

Answer / ramesh ch

Water ionization constant (kW) is 1*10 to the power of 14 for pure water. In water H+&OH- concentration is same.

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why PH range 0-14 explain..

Answer / sasi

The usual range of pH values encountered is between 0 and
14, with 0 being the value for concentrated hydrochloric
acid (1 M HCl), 7 the value for pure water (neutral pH),
and 14 being the value for concentrated sodium hydroxide (1
M NaOH). It is possible to get a pH of -1 with 10 M HCl,
but that is about a practical limit of acidity. At the
other extreme, a 10 M solution of NaOH would have a pH of

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