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Viva Interview Questions
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What is Acids, Bases salts ?

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How to calculate the Meter constant for the given Meter (by using any formula)

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why PH range 0-14 explain

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Why metal nanoparticles are characterized through FTIR? as Ftir only used for organic compounds?

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Write a c program for binary addition of two 8 bit numbers.


Discuss Stratified sampling & cluster sampling techniques and discuss with example where exactly these techniques are useful.


During regenerative breaking= A rotating magnetic field is reversed B slip is positive C torque is positive D slip is negative


what types of bugs will we find out in banking projects for automation testing?


What does it mean by Restart and Checkpoint in JCL ? How are checkpoints being taken and what is their usage ? How to use Checkpoint macro on a JOBSTEP ?


how to fit 3 HP crompton gear motor with conveyor with the use of staring delta starter or ordinary starter?


How to culture various cell types from tumor tissue?


ur a sql devoloper...what is the process in ur company for finding the database BUGS .. seperate DB testers are there? or devr.s are manage? if DB TESTERS in there what is the process


What is the cycle of Installing patches.....


What is $q service and when to use it?


why ct ,cvt should be stored in a vertical position?


In Future how the role of WEBLOGIC in realtime ?


hiiiii Respected sir/madam gd morning sir/Madam Can you please give me following questions of answer.? 1) what is the main difference between Current Assests and Fixed Assests? 2) working capital Management? why? which steps requried for working capital management at the statring day of the any type of business? 3) Ratio analysis? why? (Note: 1,on the above questions of answer the following points are exculded) 1) object 2) theory 3) features (Note :2,on the aove questions of answer the follwing points are inculded) 1) Practical oriented 2) aspects of business please reply..................


What's the Use of OLE Hyperlinking?


QTP 10.0 is not identifying web objects for IE is identifying like winObject.I installed HP patch QTPWEB_00037.Still getting issue


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