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why the starting current of a motor is high?

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why the starting current of a motor is high?..

Answer / vinod

When three phase voltage is applyed across the stator a
flux with syn speed will be rotated inside the stator, as
the rotar is stationatory max, voltage will be induced and
high startin current is drawn.

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why the starting current of a motor is high?..

Answer / jayaram

iniatially the motor don't have any backemf so motor draw
high current at the starting stage. whenever motor is
started it generates backemf so motor takes normal load

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why the starting current of a motor is high?..

Answer / sanjana singh

in starting motor resistance is according to formula-
I=v/Ra ( Ra can be neglected)
then I=V ( Starting current is equal to supply voltage)
so to start motor starter is used. it add resistance in series of motor by this starting current limit to safe value & motor start safely...

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