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what is lod and loq

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what is lod and loq..

Answer / mohd. farid

LOD = There are two meanings of LOD, one is Loss on Drying.
Another is Limit of Detection, here it refers the second
one, it means that by any perticuler method upto how much
limit at lower side, the component can be detected.
LOQ = Limit of Quantification, it means that by any
perticuler method upto how much limit at lower side, the
component can be quantified.

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what is lod and loq..

Answer / hitesh_tank25

Further lod does not quantified exact values.but visually detected.
In loq must quantified exact values. And meets the rsd requirements

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what is lod and loq..

Answer / jsk reddy

LOD: Limit of detection.
Means the minimum amount of response to detect its presence to an Instrument.

LOQ: Limit of quantification.
The minimum amount of response to quantify the presented element in an sample. Even though the presence is Identified for a sample Quantification may not possible.
Most methods are used in Intraindustry are Both are equal.
i.e. LOD=LOQ.
But it is not necessary to follow in method development and instrument designing.

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