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how can we calculate air compressure capacity

how can we calculate air compressure capacity..

Answer / m.gopinath

In terms of air pressure(ie in kg/square cm) it is building-

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Hy the hydro power stations have high transmission and Distribution costs?

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Just a silly question but just to make my curious mind bac to normal - Why was not 67 and 67N relays built into a single relay as i have noticed that the R,Y,B CT wiring end up into the 67 relay while the common of the R,Y,B CT wiring end up into the 67N relay. Then it was better if a single relay was manufactured just like the distance relay (21). Another question i would like to ask is - how do we know where the 67 and 67 N relay has to be placed.why is it not placed at the transformer bay? In the substaion that i am working -i have noticed that it is placed between a breaker and a common double bus bar and this line bay is connected to another substation at a remote place which is furthur connected to a load. B U S______CT for 67 & 67N ______Breaker _____ remot s/s. B A R

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Which motor runs on both ac and ac? a) dc series motor b) reluctance motor

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Wt is the function of reactive power? How it generates & consume though resultant is zero?

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what meant by Locked Rotor Current ?

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what are the duty ratings in DG sets?

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what is the clearances between phease to phease & phease to earth in 400 kv transmission line?

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What is the function of the circuit breaker failure relay?

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What is GND Transformer?

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A 1F capacitor is charged to 100V initially. A 1H inductor is connected accros the capacitor througha a switch. The current in the circiut when the switch is closed is____

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what is the difference between Central Battery System and UPS in applications and uses? and why UPS suitable for Computers and central battery for emergency lighting?

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what is the Transformer Impedence?How can calculate?

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